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Happy Birthday Zion

January 15, 2010 “I felZion_Blissl in love. Not something I was expecting at my age – but I feel as deliciously, deliriously happy as I was when it first happened in my teens. I was strangely nervous about meeting my first grandchild, but the moment I held her in my arms and her tiny fist tightened round my finger, I was lost.” Author, Penny Junor

As I read this quote, I felt it summed up what I felt 4 years ago, today when Zion Bliss Kizer was born! I know millions of grand parents have felt this way and your experience can not be duplicated, but this time it was MY grand daughter and for that first few hours and days there was not another grand baby in the world….at least in my world.

The grand baby photos began to fill my phone, cover my Facebook page and clutter my desk at various locations. I would show them anywhere with absolutely no encouragement needed. Of course the “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” grand parents would flash their photos after viewing Zion, but I’ll be honest…I really didn’t see them because that beauty of mine was forever etched in my brain!

“You could touch the moonlight
When your heart is shooting stars
You’re holding heaven in your arms
Have you ever been in love?”

She absolutely consumed my life! I would set for what seemed like hours and just watch her hands try to find each other and, once they did, not really knowing what to do with them. I watched her kick her legs as either myself or Debi would go to pick her up and that would light my world!

Today she turned 4. Where has the time gone? I don’t know, but I remember all of the time between her birth and today as if it was only yesterday. Every bonding moment of feeding her, changing an occasional diaper with total fear, holding her head while she was in my arms, hoping it wouldn’t fall off during that awkward time as an infant. Then the rolling over, standing up, walking, talking and talking some more! Each of those things…..they were only yesterday? Where did the time go?

At the young age of 4, Zion has taught this old “Pop” something….enjoy life, be happy, laugh, run, play and don’t worry! Take time to enjoy every moment of life!

I know, you’re thinking,  “she’s only 4 she doesn’t have a care in the world”….she DOES have cares, she just knows to place them in her fathers hands and he will protect her, he will guide her, he won’t let any harm come upon her….he would part the oceans for her!

We all have the same Father, in Spirit, we just need to have the faith of a child to enjoy Him and the life He has given us!

Zion Bliss, happy birthday and thanks for teaching Pop a few things about life!