About Randy

2013_cruise2You might be wondering “who is this guy”, blogging his opinions and thoughts? Or you may know me personally and know I’m in front of people on a regular basis, but out of the spotlight, I’m very quite and pretty reserved. The things you will read will just be my thoughts and results of a time of “pondering”. They are not meant to create an argument or will not instill my “wrath” if you disagree. They are just MY thoughts.

Simply put, I’m a husband, dad, grand parent and all of the other titles that those relationships create. I love my family unconditionally and have no problem sacrificing everything for them! My life is NOT about me, it’s about God, my wife, my kids, my grand kids, my family and my friends…..I fall somewhere below them! You may disagree, but don’t waste your breath.

I’m deeply in love with my wife, Debi, and best friend of 40 years and credit her and God for any good qualities that I may possess. She has stood beside me through the good and bad, in sickness and in health. She has spoken wisdom into my life during many situations that I would have made the wrong decisions. In contrast,  she has allowed me to make mistakes as the leader of my household without verbal destruction! Simply put, she is the epitome of that “perfect wife” that we all search for as young men.

Brandon, my 38 year old son, holds another key to my heart. In spite of me and my attempts to be that “great” father, he has matured into a man of high esteem and has utilized his God given talents to create a musical ministry that blesses all who sit under his leadership! There is a humble pride that engulfs me every time I sit under his ministry knowing his accomplishments are his own…but he is mine! I enjoy every moment I have to visit and “learn” from him. Although I am currently 63 years old and supposedly “been there done that”, his wisdom blesses my life and encourages me. To you my son…”this dad is gonna be there for you as long as there is life in my body”!

As a young couple, Debi and I did not have another child so I didn’t have a daughter….I do now! Thanks to the wisdom of my son and the blessings of God, Chastity is who I consider my daughter. She is that perfect wife that you pray your son will find through his search as a young man. She has brought so much joy into my life, loving my son unconditionally, being a Godly wife for him, being the most amazing mother for my grand babies and…loving me! Chastity I repeat to you what I said to Brandon…”this dad is gonna be there for you as long as there is life in my body”!

My grand babies!! I don’t have enough space attempt to express what they mean to me…the perfections of Christ, manifested in human bodies that were named Zion Bliss, Eden Monroe and Thomas Canaan…we call him Canaan!

I was raised by two of the most Godly parents a son could ever have. Although I lost my dad much too early in my life, at the age of 18, he left me with the memory of his favorite scripture which I simply adopted as mine once I realized the life changing meaning it has:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not to thine own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. Proverbs 3:5-6

This scripture reflects the way I try to live life….TRUST in Him! My failures are mine, my accomplishments are His and I’m nothing without Christ!

This is who I am and hopefully something I may write will bless someone and make a difference in their life. If I do, it’s God working through me.

I may or may not know you….but I love you! Be blessed!