Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I Really Miss You!!

momAs I worshiped with my son and daughter (in-law) this morning and felt a tremendous move of God fill the church, my joy and spiritual pride brought tears to my eyes!! Then I realized…I had just felt a small portion of what my mom felt for so many years!!

Her support in EVERY facet of my life never dwindled…my failure or not. Her unconditional love never wavered and her desire to “protect” me and my “new” little family was like a mother sparrow chasing a man away from a nest of her babies, diving at his head with ruthless abandon!! In fact, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble…but if you didn’t like me, Debi or Brandon…she would “love” you spiritually but, honestly, she probably didn’t like you much either!! 😉

Because of the early loss of my dad, I was only 18 at the time, she became dad and mom to me, experiencing all of the joy, sadness, pain and victory that entailed. Always encouraging me to do God’s will, never forcing her will upon me but praying hard enough that I had no choice but to listen and follow.

Then, no doubt in my mind, she prayed Debi into my life whom she loved as much as me because Debi completed me. Then the true gem of the marriage came into her life…Brandon…her pride and joy! Every ball he threw was a “pretty ball” even if it hit a foot in front of the plate!!

I was blessed with a special gem!

I don’t say all of these great things about mom to “brag” or act like my “mom was better than yours”. I say them so YOU don’t make the same mistake I did!!! I didn’t tell her enough how much she meant to me, I didn’t thank her enough for all of her prayers, I took her presence in my life for granted, but most painful as I have reflected, I felt there were times I didn’t “need” her guidance and I pushed her aside!! Wow, kind of like my relationship with God!

Yep, this “man” that she loved so much failed in so many ways as a son, but she had those God like attributes that He saves only for mothers…unconditional, unfailing love and she NEVER failed me!

It’s our job as children to accept the gift of God that is only ours for a season…mom! That season is NEVER long enough and sometime, unexpectedly, much too short.

Well, I’ve done it again, probably went on a little to long but if you read to this point let me close with a challenge: Call your mom TODAY, tell her what she means to you and attempt to give back a portion of the love she has shared with you!! Don’t allow yourself to look back one day when you miss her so bad and say “I wish mom was still here so I could tell her….”!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I really miss you….but you still walk with me every day!!!




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