I Was Taking God’s Manna For Granted

“Nothing but mZion Holding My Handanna! They were experiencing a miracle of God’s provision every morning; yet they were no longer excited about it. Nothing but manna!”

In chapter 11 of Numbers, the Israelites had become accustomed to the blessings of God! The Word quotes them as saying “But now our whole being is dried up, there is nothing at all except this manna before our eyes!” (v. 6).

Several years ago, I was preparing for a “simple” one hour surgery that quickly turned into a 5 1/2 hour procedure to remove a badly infected organ from my body. Following surgery other parts of my body were affected and thus a fight for my life had begun!

Following multiple “codes”, reactions to medication that made me combative to the surgical team, “seeing” men floating in my room, propelled by propeller driven shoes and two weeks in the hospital I walked out a different man.

Not because of the surgical and medical changes, but because God had used that time to chasten me. Opening my eyes to the fact I had become an Israelite walking in the wilderness, taking the manna that God had blessed me with, EVERYDAY, for granted!

As I recovered at home, I began to understand what I had totally lost site of…I was spending large chunks of time complaining about the challenges in my life, basically having a daily…all day…pity party and becoming accustomed to the blessings I received EVERY DAY from God. My faith had taught me to “trust in the Lord with all my heart” and know that He is always by my side, “directing my path”, but I stopped remembering all of these things and I had focused on the negatives, the struggles of life!

As I spent time reflecting, something began to change, every blessing in my life began to “look” so much larger! To the point that all of my problems looked so very small in comparison and my faith began to set me free, again!

Time won’t permit listing ALL of God’s manna in my life, but at that time in my life the most simplistic things came to my attention….the phone calls from Brandon that ended with “love ya dad”, the smiles from Zion when she would see me walk into a room, the “hello babe, I’m home” with a sweet follow-up kiss from Deb, the “love you Pop” from Chastity and Eden thrusting of her little legs in excitement as I pick her up (at this time in my life, Eden was a baby and Canaan was a hope and prayer)…..the most simple things became so much greater!!

I was reminded of a time early one morning at my home. The kids were visiting, Zion and Eden were sleeping with us, as always. I woke up from a sound sleep, which I never do, and in the still of the night, I heard the very faint “snoring” of Eden as she slept peacefully close by! What a beautiful sound, what a tremendous blessing…at that moment, I had no problems, all was well, God was in control! I looked at her with amazement, a smile on my face and I went back to a peaceful sleep.

So many things I would have never enjoyed had God not saved my life! I am so blessed and don’t have one problem that God can not solve. So I have chosen to enjoy His blessings, tell the world about Him and His promises and enjoy the days ahead that He has given me!

PLEASE, don’t wait for a major event in your life to get your attention! Begin right now thanking God for all He has blessed you with and I promise, that will be the beginning of a new outlook on your life!! Your problems will become His and your joy will be renewed!

You are blessed!!






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